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With a new year comes new hopes and goals, especially considering what 2020 served up.

This also brings a lot of noise from the mainstream & social media, external pressure from family and friends and our own internal pressure to dramatically change ourselves, our circumstance or set unrealistic goals only to fall by the wayside come Feb.

Boys, it’s time to throw all that out the window. like right now.

Let’s just focus on the present and how you can become better than yesterday. It’s all about small steps adding up over time and telling that bloke in the mirror he can do it.

One of those guys who has done it and documented his journey along the way is Ash aka “that fat guy” on youtube (should be called “not so fat guy” now).

We are beyond proud of him for being such a motivational force to our Man Shake community and showing people that not only can it be done but how it can be done.

Ash has just dropped his latest episode with The beginners guides to The Man Shake on youtube and walked through what he did to get the results of losing 50kg.